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Business Details

Grindflow Management LLC

Email: | Web: | Phone: (703) 828-4356

SDVOSB Business

Business Information

DUNS: 013324960
Last Verified: 3/24/2022
Expiration Date: 3/24/2025
Year Established: 2010

Business Address 1: 3031 Mission Square Drive
Business Address 2:
City: Fairfax
State/Territory: Virginia
Phone: (703) 828-4356

Business Type

Business Type: LLC
NAICS Codes: 518210, 519130, 541430, 541490, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541611, 541690, 611430
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business: Yes
Woman Owned Small Business: No
Minority Owned Small Business: No
Joint Venture: No
Mentor Protege: No
Hub Zone: No
8(a): No
Purchase Card: Yes


Number of Employees: 3
Number of Veteran Employees: 1
Number of Operating Locations: 1
Service Areas:
Capabilities Keywords: Web Application Development, Web and Management Consulting Services, Cloud Services, Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services, Professional and Management Development Training; Custom Computer Programming Services; Computer Systems Design Services; Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services; Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services; Professional and Management Development Training; Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services; Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals; Prototyping; Visualization; Agile Scrum Project Management; Graphic Design Services; Other Specialized Design Services; Other Computer Related Services
Capabilities Narrative: Grindflow Management LLC is a technology and management consulting company founded in 2010 that provides its expertise in innovation management as it relates to internet information technologies and solutions ranging from infrastructure to enhancing end-user experiences. Since its onset, we have provided services to organizations across a variety of industries in support of strategic planning, guidance to decision-makers, project management, product development, solution design, custom integrations, and related IT consulting and support services. Our span of service offerings extends from our managerial expertise, enthusiasm for technology, aptitude for creativity, and mission to help organizations overcome common challenges through the effective leveraging of modern information technologies. Grindflow Management LLC is comprised of an ever expanding team of experts empowered by collaboration and supported by a network of thought leaders, partners, agencies, and solution vendors. Through the company's history as a consulting team, we have developed products and innovated processes using user-centered design approaches, often by leveraging cloud-based application technologies. We set out to integrate and innovate, provide the highest quality of services, and to empower the people and organizations with solutions that leverage technological advancements in order to provide effective, efficient, and quality deliverables. We are distinguished by our leadership, extensive experience in the IT services and healthcare industries, and a collective propensity for technology adoption and integration. We are further differentiated by our structure as an Agile organization utilizing Scrum project management; our achievements as Google Certified Partners; our prototyping and user experience design, and our history of pioneering custom applications. Finally, we provide all of our services with an emphasis on security, efficiency, optimization, and strategic alignment.
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