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Veterans Direct Access Program
Offering unique opportunities for Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (VOSBs) to build partnerships, maximize networking, and gain access to Procurement Decision Makers (PDMs).


What is a DAP event?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) enables Veterans to gain access to economic opportunities by leveraging the federal procurement system and expanding participation of procurement-ready small businesses. One method OSDBU utilizes in fulfilling this mission is enabling procurement-ready small businesses to gain access to economic opportunities through Direct Access Program (DAP) events.

DAP events provide small-businesses access to procurement opportunities through structured, screened, and periodic events attended by the Department’s Procurement Decision Makers (PDMs). Two examples of activities which may occur at a DAP event are Business Opportunity Sessions (BOS) and Networking Roundtables (NRT). During a BOS, participants from a Program Office and PDMs convey information related to upcoming or potential procurement opportunities. During NRTs, small businesses meet with PDMs to share their capabilities in response to the PDM’s business procurement needs.

Why attend a DAP event?

DAP events provide VOSBs and SDVOSBs with opportunities to:

  • Engage with VA PDMs or representatives from federal or commercial agencies (as applicable) to build business relationships;
  • Learn about procurement opportunities specific to your industry;
  • Schedule Networking Roundtables (as applicable) with a PDM to pitch your firm’s ability to solve a PDMs procurement problems; and/or
  • Network with other businesses to discover subcontracting and teaming opportunities.

Event Types We Support

    • A one-day small DAP event conducted at OSDBU’s Business Engagement Center (BEC) located at 801 I Street, NW, Washington DC. BEC events provide PDMs located in the metro DC area the opportunity to conduct a DAP event on a small scale.
    • A large-scale, multi-day day event that provides participants access to nationwide procurement opportunities through various information sessions and networking activities. Procurement opportunities for single or multiple communities of interest can be presented during NVSBE. An event which focuses on one industry is referred to as a “Targeted Industry Event” (TIE); an example being the 2018 NVSBE wherein Construction opportunities showcased. Other potential “TIE” events could focus on: Information Technology, Medical Supplies and Services, or Other Supplies and Services (e.g. Professional Services).
    • An event which focuses on the procurement opportunities for a specific area of the country (e.g. East Coast; VISN 8; SAO Central, etc.). A regional event can include procurement opportunities for single or multiple communities of interest. This event can be one or multiple days.
    • VAMC events are held at VA medical facilities. They provide PDMs and clinical staff an opportunity to review and demonstrate new and innovative products, services, and equipment onsite. These events help VA medical facilities meet their acquisition and procurement requirements while supporting their small business goals. The unique feature of VAMC events is greater efficiency for PDMs. Specifically, because these events happen at the VAMC, it enables the medical staff to participate with very little disruption to their schedule. VAMC events directly support VOSBs and other small businesses with their marketing efforts. VAMC events provide direct, targeted access to key PDMs to, enabling VOSBs showcase their products in the environment which they will be used.
    • Commercial Business Opportunity Showcases serve as a forum for private-sector/commercial PDMs to discuss their requirements and evaluate the business capabilities of VOSBs. A Commercial Business Opportunity Showcase also provides a face-to-face opportunity for VOSBs to engage with other small businesses that facilitates networking. The event is normally held at the hosting commercial firms location
    • Partnership events are collaborative efforts with Other Government Agencies (OGAs) and Professional Associations. Like other DAP events, the focus is to provide VOSB and other small businesses with direct access to PDMs and business opportunities. Networking is a key component of partnership events as it is for all DAP events.

Event Services We Provide

  • Find Verified Firms for Events
  • Event Planning Assistance
  • Event Scheduling and Match Making
  • Targeted Marketing and Outreach
  • Event Facilitation

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